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Corporate Attorneys & Litigators

Business Attorney, Thomas E. Howard

Growing Businesses and serving his clients for over a decade.

Recognized by Super Lawyers & experienced in :

  1. cannabis
  2. commercial mortgage foreclosures
  3. real estate contract litigation
  4. health care contracts
  5. loan workouts
  6. agri-business

Business, Litigation, Real Estate & Commercial Banking Attorneys

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Corporate Contracts

We have extensive experience with even the most complex contracts that business use every day. Form Formation of corporate organizations, to tax and litigation avoidance tactics .

Real Estate

Real estate legal issues are almost always big deals that require attention to details and deadlines – put our attorneys to work for you. We’ve help cannabis companies with real estate, and secured lenders.

Corporate Litigation

Banking, Cannabis, Regulatory and straight up commercial transactions that have gone bust – our lawyers can handle the most sophisticated litigation that your business could face.

Atttorneys & Consultants for Emerging Markets

Corporate Attorneys & Litigators

Practicing all over Illinois and serving businesses from coast-to-coast.

Recognized by Super Lawyers & experienced in :

  1. commercial mortgage foreclosures
  2. real estate contract litigation
  3. health care contracts
  4. loan workouts
  5. agri-business

Our Business Law Practice

Our Illinios Business Lawyers offer effective and reasonably priced legal solutions for community banks, businesses and people with contract or real estate issues in all over the state of Illinois.

Your company’s choice of its attorney is something that often must be approved by a board, or decision maker that is responsible for the company’s best interests.

 Our business lawyers are business owners themselves and understand the ever evolving competitive landscape companies face in the 21st century, including the data privacy and cybersecurity issues that have arisen since the dawn of the internet age.

Our lead attorney, Thomas Howard, owns his own digital company and uses his business law and litigation skills to help defend it from risks.

Businesses face regulatory risk, employee issues, contract liabilities, and even torts if they deal with hazardous industries.

Your business may need contract help, or litigation management, or any number of issues that our attorneys with their home office in Peoria, Illinois have experience in – so call us today at (309) 740-4033.

Lawyers in Peoria IL

While we serve lawyers from all over – our home office gets us certain trafffic from the local Peoria, Illinois community. For those visitors, we got your back.

Here’s some help on your search for the right attorney in Peoria, or central Illinois.  We have a list of attorneys and firms that we refer people to because they would be who we’d would turn to in a problem.  They are people like you, good, honest and hard-working – that know the difference between the truth and a lie so they won’t rip you off.

Hope this helps you in your search.  Click the links above to go to the places I would turn to if we had your needs.



Corporate & Litigation Lawyer Blogs

Business Succession Planning with Trusts

Business Succession Planning with Trusts

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When Is An LLC Needed

When Is An LLC Needed

We want to help you out on your business journey and explain to you when a corporate liability shield, like an LLC or corporation is needed or not. As small business owners it can be extremely valuable to find guidance in what you should be doing for your business and...

How To Stop Check Kiting Scams

How To Stop Check Kiting Scams

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  1. real estate contracts
  2. business contract disputes
  3. Shareholder litigation
  4. cannabis business
  5. fraud actions
  6. mechanic's liens


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Phone: (309) 740-4033 || Email:  tom@collateralbase.com

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316 SW Washington Street, Suite 1A
Peoria, Illinois 61602

Phone: (309) 740-4033 || Email:  tom@collateralbase.com

150 S. Wacker Drive, Suite 2400,
Chicago IL, 60606 USA

Phone: 312-741-1009 || Email:  tom@collateralbase.com

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