Illinois Attorneys


There are many different types of Illinois attorneys that practice law in many different areas of Illinois law. Each one specializes in a different area of the law that requires different types of legal advice from offices helping children to those that negotiate documents for businesses, or even those that provide separation and custody services. […]

Business Formation Lawyers

business formation lawyers

Are you looking for business formation services to set up a business partnership? Liability protection, income tax, and ventures that need a partnership agreement are key motivators for a new business. A business partnership is a relatively easy entity to set up, but it does have its drawbacks. One primary drawback to setting up your […]

Commercial Litigation Attorney Chicago

outside general counsel

COMERCIAL LITIGATION ATTORNEY CHICAGO If you’re involved in a complex business dispute that can’t be resolved through negotiation or arbitration, it may be time to hire a commercial litigation attorney. Commercial litigation attorneys have experience with a wide variety of civil litigation issues and can help you resolve your dispute in a timely and efficient […]

Asset Purchase Agreements: What is an asset purchase agreement?

Asset Purchase Agreement

An asset purchase agreement is a legal contract between two parties, in which one party agrees to sell and transfer ownership of certain assets to the other party. The purchased assets may be tangible or intangible and can include things like property, equipment, shares in a company, or intellectual property. An asset purchase, or a […]

Ohio Gaming Lawyer

Ohio Gaming Lawyer

Gaming attorneys for casino businesses The gaming laws are changing again. The Ohio Casino Control Commission (OCCC) has released a new casino license application process that will streamline the process for applicants and improve transparency. So it is time to find a law firm with a sophisticated gaming law practice. Breaking into the gaming industry […]

Boston Business Lawyer | Corporate law firm in Massachusetts

boston business law firm

When it comes to legal matters related to your business, it’s important to work with an experienced professional who knows the ins and outs of business law. In Massachusetts, corporate law attorneys can help you with a variety of legal issues, from contract negotiation and revision to entity selection. If you’re looking for legal advice […]

Chicago Business Lawyer

Chicago Business Lawyer

If you’re a business owner in Chicago, you need a Chicago lawyer who understands the unique challenges and opportunities that come with running a business in this city. At Collateral Base LLC, we are devoted to helping companies, investors, entrepreneurs and other clients in the Chicago area work through complex legal matters and negotiations. With […]

How to trademark a name

How to trademark a name

It is a smart idea to trademark your name and logo in this age of branding and internet marketing. For your business, trademarking provides numerous advantages and protections. Understanding some trademark basics can help you realize why trademarking your name and logo is a good idea. To begin, know what a trademark is and what […]

How to protect marijuana trademarks

How to protect a cannabis company trademark

Because trademarks are federal law and that law still says that cannabis is still illegal under federal law, no federal trademark protections can be granted by the USPTO yet.  Many medical marijuana, hemp, and CBD businesses are still in their infancy, many cannabis business owners are unsure if they qualify for federal trademark protection. The […]

Dispensary Financial Models

dispensary financial models

Financial models for a dispensary detail the cash flows of the business based on either assumptions or market data from your existing operations. Financial models are often required for your dispensary application. if you do not have enough liquidity to open your dispensary, financial models are required to get investors interested in the business opportunity […]