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Business consultants for cannabis

We analyze a business’s current state, recommend solutions, and tailor services to specific needs. Our Consultants help with anything from marketing to customer service, providing specialized knowledge and objective advice. We’re hired for short-term projects or ongoing support and offer an outsider’s perspective, adding significant value to a business. Overall, business consultants are instrumental in helping businesses grow and succeed.

Joint Ventures

Joint ventures allow businesses to combine resources, expertise, and capital for mutual benefit. This partnership form can increase profitability, diversify risk, and expand to new markets.

Cannabis Licenses

We assist you in getting a cannabis license by providing valuable information, guidance, resources, and application consulting for limited market states.

Business Dispute Attorneys

We help resolve business disputes. Our skilled attorneys specialize in corporate law and work tirelessly to protect your interests.

Selling LLCs

Cannabis Licenses belong to the state, so equity purchases are common, our Membership Interest Purchase Agreement consulting packages are comprehensive.

Business Valuations

Financial models assess a company's value using data and forecasting techniques, giving businesses a comprehensive understanding of their value.

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Our team of attorneys and consultants are here to provide assistance and guidance so that businesses can achieve their goals and navigate the legal &  regulatory landscape.

Achieve Unprecedented Success

At our company, we understand the importance of compliance, licensing, and acquisition in highly regulated industries.By working with us, you’ll gain valuable insights and guidance on achieving and maintaining compliance, navigating the licensing process, and successfully acquiring companies within the industry.

Cannabis Business Consultants

License Applications

To win a cannabis license, researching the latest rules and regulations is key. Educating clients on license types and requirements is necessary. A good application includes a clear presentation of necessary documents like business and security plans. Suggesting partnerships and forming strong teams also helps. Assisting clients in winning cannabis licenses requires legal knowledge, industry expertise, and strategic planning.

Selling Cannabis Business Licenses

Optimized Results

We offer expert services to sell your cannabis business license. Our platform provides valuation, financial modeling, and networking to attract investors. Our team will optimize financial models and create an effective pitch deck that resonates with investor goals. We also provide connections with potential buyers to get the best deal for your license.

Organizations & Publications

Our founding attorney, Tom Howard, has been recognized by both Leading Lawyers & Super Lawyers, quoted in the Wall Street Journal & Marijuana Business Magazine. We support the NORML Legal Committee & the NCIA.


Corporate Attorneys & Litigators

Practicing all over Illinois and serving businesses from coast-to-coast.

Recognized by Super Lawyers & experienced in :

  1. Cannabis licenses
  2. Real estate contract litigation
  3. Selling Cannabis Licenses
  4. Loan workouts
  5. Agri-business
Atttorneys & Consultants for Emerging Markets

Our Business Law Practice & Consulting Services

Illinois & Massachusetts Business Lawyers & corporate consultants that offer effective and experienced legal solutions for cannabis companies, startups, businesses and people with contract or real estate issues in all over Illinois and nationwide.

Collateral Base’s mission is help our clients win and share in their victory. We believe in serving American entrepreneurs & businesses because they make our Country great.  We help business make the best decisions whether in a courtroom or boardroom, on an application for a license, or in the capital markets to help raise funds they need to grow. 

We are business lawyers, consultants and business owners, We understand the ever evolving competitive landscape companies face in the 21st century, including the data privacy and cybersecurity issues that have arisen since the dawn of the internet age.

Our founding attorney, Thomas Howard, founded a digital company and uses his business law and litigation skills to help defend it from risks in Chicago, Illinois and beyond.  In Boston, Massachusetts, cannabis business Attorney David Leavitt has extensive experience in regulatory and cannabis industry matters. Our network of business consultants and corporate lawyers can help you organize your next capital raise with financial models and corporate documents.

Our business consulting & legal services

Businesses face regulatory risk, employee issues, contract liabilities, and even torts if they deal with hazardous industries. class action breach of fiduciary duty securities law disputes arising mergers and acquisitions corporation counsel business transactions intellectual property house counsel corporate lawyers work legal disputes commercial litigation alternative dispute resolution business litigation attorney

Your business may need capital restructuring, contract drafting or enforcement, or litigation management, or any number of issues that our attorneys with our home office in Peoria, Illinois have experience in – so call us today at (309) 306-1095.

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Need A Business Advisor or Lawyer?

Business lawyers help companies navigate the complexities of business law, providing legal guidance and expertise to protect their clients’ interests.

From contracts and agreements to taxes and regulations, a qualified attorney can ensure that organizations are compliant with all applicable laws. Business lawyers also provide advice on dispute resolution and legal representation in court.

Call our law offices with your legal questions for help on:

  1. Real estate contracts
  2. Business contract disputes
  3. Shareholder litigation
  4. Cannabis business
  5. Fraud actions
  6. Mechanic’s liens
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