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Peoria Attorney Thomas Howard - best business lawyer in central Illinois

Business Attorney, Thomas E. Howard

From Peoria, Illinois, and practicing locally for over ten years.

Recognized by Super Lawyers & experienced in :

  1. commercial mortgage foreclosures
  2. real estate contract litigation
  3. health care contracts
  4. loan workouts
  5. agri-business

Peoria Business Litigation, Real Estate & Commercial Banking Attorneys

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Business Contracts

Often confusing, complex and overlooked. We have extensive experience with even the most complex contracts that business use  every day.

Real Estate

Real estate legal issues are almost always big deals that can cost a lot of money and require attention to details and deadlines – put our attorneys to work for you. 


What sets us apart from our peers is our depth of banking trial experience, business knowledge, and business litigation in both federal and state courts.

Have a real estate contract question – Peoria Lawyer Tom Howard explains the common pitfalls in the standard form residential real estate contract. Call with your questions today. (309) 740-4033

business attorney peoria il

From Peoria, Illinois, and practicing locally and regionally for over ten years.

Recognized by Super Lawyers & experienced in :

  1. commercial mortgage foreclosures
  2. real estate contract litigation
  3. health care contracts
  4. loan workouts
  5. agri-business

Our Business Law Practice

Our Peoria Business Lawyers offer effective and reasonably priced legal solutions for community banks, businesses and people with contract or real estate issues in all over the state of Illinois.

Your company’s choice of its attorney is something that often must be approved by a board, or decision maker that is responsible for the company’s best interests.

 Our business lawyers are business owners themselves and understand the ever evolving competitive landscape companies face in the 21st century, including the data privacy and cybersecurity issues that have arisen since the dawn of the internet age.

Our lead attorney, Thomas Howard, owns his own digital company and uses his business law and litigation skills to help defend it from risks.

Businesses face regulatory risk, employee issues, contract liabilities, and even torts if they deal with hazardous industries.

Your business may need contract help, or litigation management, or any number of issues that our attorneys with their home office in Peoria, Illinois have experience in – so call us today at (309) 740-4033.

Lawyers in Peoria IL

Let me help you on your search for the right attorney in Peoria, or central Illinois.  I have a list of attorneys and firms that I refer people to because they would be who I would turn to in a problem.  They are people like you, good, honest and hard-working – that know the difference between the truth and a lie so they won’t rip you off.

Hope this helps you in your search.  Click the links above to go to the places I would turn to if I had your needs. 



Peoria Illinois Attorneys

There are so many lawyers in Peoria claiming to offer effective and reasonably priced legal solutions, to be the best and fight for you, but here’s some things to consider when you’re hiring a lawyer in Peoria, IL:

  • What’s your benefit to hiring a Peoria lawyer?

No really, your case can go in so many different directions.  Litigation at its heart is unpredictable, which is why so many cases settle. A settlement is buying certainty and closure.

You and your Peoria lawyer should really sit down and map out your strategy – define your goals and objectives.

Lawyers are a service provider to help you access justice and achieve your goals.  Be clear about them.

A lawyer in Peoria, or anywhere, should ask you the “magic wand” question.

  • Where if you could have a magic wand and waive it – what would happen?
  • Lawyers in Peoria, or anywhere else, are not magicians – they are there to help.  What do you want to happen.
  • Your lawyer needs to know your goals and objective in your case

Lawyers help people that have been wronged be placed back in the position they would have been if the wrong had not happened.

This is an imperfect venture – but justice nonetheless.

  • Do you have any right to attorney fees?

Everyone wants justice yesterday & for free – but that’s not how it works.

In Illinois, people have to pay for their own lawyers, but!  There’s always a but with business attorney peoria il.

If you have a statute (“law”) that says you get your attorney fees, or if your contract says you get your attorney fees, then you can recover them.

Many people want their lawyer to work for a contingency, which is usually only reserved for personal injury claims.

Usually people have to pay for their own lawyers in Illinois.

  • How much money & time do you really want to spend?

Lawsuits, a/k/a litigation, often can cost tens of thousands of dollars and take many years.

Please be clear about your goals and know what is in it for you when you are buying a lawsuit.

Your case should be worth it – not just about the principle of the thing (unless you do not care about how much money you will spend).

Our lawyers always put ourselves in our clients’ shoes and advise them on what we would do if we were them.

Call our offices in Peoria, Illinois at (309) 740-4033  today to discuss the merits of your case.

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