Social Equity

What is Social Equity?

Social equity refers to the concept of fairness, justice, and access in a social context. It emphasizes creating a level playing field where everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed and participate. This often involves addressing historical and ongoing disadvantages faced by certain groups in society. It’s essentially about restoring justice through social equity programs.


Goal of Social Equity Initiatives

Social equity Programs seeks to redress historical injustices. These programs strive to level the playing field. They aim to include those who have borne the brunt of discriminatory policies in the cannabis industry, offering them a fair chance to thrive. Importantly, social equity is not just about equal access but also about providing resources and opportunities tailored to those in need.

Encouraging diversity enriches the cannabis industry. An inclusive marketplace benefits everyone – it ensures that voices from diverse backgrounds are heard and valued, ultimately fostering a richer and more innovative industry through inclusion. Through targeted support, social equity initiatives facilitate the entry of underrepresented groups, ensuring they can compete effectively.

What is a Social Equity Program?

There are different methods to integrate marginalized groups into the lucrative cannabis industry through social equity programs. These initiatives may include, but are not limited to;

  • License Lottery Prioritization
  • Licensing and Fee Discounts
  • Record Expungement (Cannabis Related Arrests)
  • Licensing Mentorship and Financial Assistance
  • Social Equity Workshops

Social Equity Criteria

There are different criteria to qualify as a Social Equity:

Eligibility Criteria may vary depending on the State.

Income and Asset Limits: Your net worth must be under $250,000 AND your income must have been below 2.5 times the federal poverty level for at least 3 out of the past 10 years.

Veteran Status: You have a valid service-connected disability card from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Cannabis Conviction (with exceptions): You or a close family member (parent, guardian, spouse) were arrested, prosecuted, or convicted of a non-violent marijuana offense at least a year before this program started (exceptions apply for providing marijuana to minors or driving under the influence).

Residence in a Disadvantaged Area: You live in a zip code or area where:

  • 30% or more of the population lives in poverty.
  • Unemployment is 50% higher than the state average.
  • Incarceration rates for marijuana offenses are 50% higher than the state average.
  • You graduated from an unaccredited school district or lived in an area with one for 3 out of the past 5 years.

Note: You’ll need documentation to prove you meet these requirements.

States with Social Equity Program

Certain states, including the states mentioned below, boasts one of the most sought-after limited license markets out there, are offering fantastic opportunities for people with a cannabis arrest in the family…

  • Maryland
  • Illinois
  • Missouri
  • Delaware
  • Minnesota

These states are unique because it welcomes qualified social equity applicants from all over the U.S. So, what does this mean for you? YES, you may also apply to other states if you qualify for their Social Equity Program for Lottery Licenses. Check out the Interactive Map below to check if you qualify for Illinois Social Equity Licensing. Being in the Green Zone means you qualify.

Why Join our Social Equity Program?

We help people get not just a license, but operational.  

Save Time

Our incubators help you succeed in the dispensary application process with professional resources. We empower you to bring your vision to life and guide you every step of the way. Choose success in the industry with our support.

Get Paid Fair

Our incubator program offers financial savings, resources, mentorship, training, legal and accounting services, and application assistance for social equity applicants seeking a license for a fair price.

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Choose our successful incubators with confidence for unparalleled chances of success. With experienced professionals and top facilities, we support your business journey to achieve your goals. Trust us to take you beyond winning.


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Get Open

Many Social Equity applicants that win licenses fail to open – it’s over 80% in most states, with 100% in Maryland’s first medical round. Our incubators come with operators ready to help you get open after you win the license.

Get Profits

Starting out can be tough and profit takes time. Our incubators help you succeed with our experience and resources. Think of us as a personal support system for your profitability. Keep pushing forward, success is near!

Frequently Asked Questions about Social Equity

You can get involved by filling out the form on our Website and we’ll check if you qualify and, invite you to the Program if you do. 

Benefits include access to licenses, financial support, networking opportunities, and potential economic empowerment.

Yes! Our company made a learning course for qualified social equity people. If you want to get exclusive access to it please fill out our Social Equity Form and we’ll reach out to you via Email ASAP with the details regarding the FREE course.


Successful Social Equity Applicants

Here are some of the testimonials from Social Equity Applicants we have helped in the past secure their licenses and get operational. Don’t miss out because you could be the next person! 

"We were able to win licenses in Missouri and in Illinois and are looking for our next opportunity."
M. Beraky
Social Equity License Winner
"From setbacks to Comebacks. That's all I can say. Tom and Collateral Base has guided me throughout the whole process. From applying as a Social Equity Applicant to securing a dispensary license via lottery. Absolutely amazing!"
Miggy 420
Social Equity License Winner, Miggy's Potshop
"We were able to get our social equity plan and the license application was done right the first time and we get operational quickly. Thanks Tom!"
JB Terra
Social Equity License Winner

Our Social Equity Program

Participating in our social equity programs provides aspiring cannabis entrepreneurs, especially those social equity people, with vital resources. Access to licenses and permits, which are often difficult to secure without substantial financial backing, becomes feasible through these initiatives.

You’ll gain invaluable guidance from industry veterans, ensuring that you are well-equipped for success. Beyond personal benefits, participants contribute to community upliftment through job creation and tax revenue reinvestment, driving profound positive change in their localities.

Join us!

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