Intellectual Property 101: What Entrepreneurs Need to Know

As an entrepreneur in the cannabis industry, protecting your marijuana trademark or intellectual property (IP) is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge and avoiding costly lawsuits. In this blog post, we’ll cover the basics of IP protection, including types of protection and how to safeguard your valuable and intangible assets. By taking steps to protect […]

How to Make a Valuation Model for Your AI Startup: A Guide for Investors

Valuation Model for Your AI Startup

Valuing a pre-revenue tech startup is a well-established process, but what happens when you try to apply the same methods to a pre-revenue company using novel artificial intelligence? With AI’s potential to scale rapidly to millions of users, there are unique challenges to consider when determining the value of an early-stage AI startup. In this […]

Who owns the IP an LLM creates: Understanding the complexities

AI Created IP

Who is the legal owner of an IP created by an LLM? Ownership of IP for information created by an LLM is complex. It depends on a variety of factors. For example, if an LLM is trained on copyrighted material, the copyright holder may own the IP for any information created by the LLM. Similarly, […]