Outside General Counsels

Outside General Counsels to help your business navigate risks in high tech and emerging agriculture businesses.

Have a business lawyer at your side for when you need them and before it's too late

Commercial Litigation Lawyer

A General Counsel

Your business in emerging agriculture may need someone that has deep experience in applying for licensing for a dispensary or cultivation operation, or other industry insights that help companies navigate around risks that businesses face in operations.

Expert Guidance for Growing Businesses Online

Out lawyers have built their practices in the cloud and have deep experience with operating a business in the 21st century.

We have everything you need to start your business, run it, raise money for it, sell it, and more.

Our business lawyers have helped dozens of companies start up in both the tech and emerging agriculture industries legalizing dispensary and cultivation businesses nationwide.

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Compete Price Transparency

Our outside general counsel package is a very clear retainer that comes with a monthly 30-minute consultation to keep your company on track. And it comes with access to our flat fee menu of services. These offers are exclusively for clients of the Collateral Base Firm.


Get the right price with us

Our Outside General Counsel offering combines automations like those you have come to expect from service providers like Legal Zoom, but with an experienced business lawyer by your side to help you customize the documents and give hourly advice and up-front flat-fee services for the various documents your business needs to operate in the highly regulated emerging agriculture, or technology, or other highly regulated businesses.

Outside General Counsel

$ 200 Month
  • Hybrid Legal Zoom Model
  • Expert Advice from your attorney at any time
  • Up-front Flat Fee Menu of Services for your company.
  • Retain the Firm For your Applications for Dispensaries or Cultivation licenses
  • 30-minute consultation with expert attorney in your business area

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