Land Use Planning & Zoning Law

Zoning & Land Use Planning Law

Real estate may be privately owned, but it’s regulated so that it may be taxed appropriately. Call our offices for help with your real estate issues.

Zoning Restrictions

Cities can restrict how real estate is used. This can cause conflict between private citizens and businesses with their desired use of the real estate, and the municipality that has restricted the use of the property.

Types of zoning restrictions often have to do with:

  1. Height Limits On Buildings,
  2. Off-Street Parking,
  3. The Setback From Which A Structure Can Be Built Next To A Property Line
  4. Signage Restrictions
  5. Floodplains
  6. Use Of Buildings & Accessories

Zoning Relief from Municipality

Property owners often request relief from their city or county to enable them to construct something outside its zoning restrictions.  Here are the common ones our office has experience on handling for you.

Special Use Permit

We have experience helping both businesses and people obtain special use permits to accomplish their real estate goals.


Variances have a lot of government control and hiring a lawyer to help you through the process can help get the results you want.

Challenging Zoning in Court

Our office has experienced lawyers that advocate in court everyday – call our office today for help with your land use or zoning issue.

Call for a Consultation with a Land Use and Zoning Attorney

The monetary value of a real estate is generally tied to the highest-and-best use an owner can make of it. We help our clients consider permissible uses of their property in order to enhance its value. Contact our law offices to schedule a meeting to discuss your land use issues.

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