How to Qualify for Section 1202 and Avoid Capital Gains Tax

Section 1202 capital gains tax

Are there any legal strategies to reduce my capital gains taxes? As a business owner, you may be curious about legal strategies that can lessen your capital gains taxes. There are options available to you. Investigate them today. Fortunately, there are several ways that you can minimize your tax liability and keep more of your […]

How to Calculate Your Company’s Value for Investors: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Calculate Your Company's Value for Investors

How can companies use their financial statements to accurately calculate their value? As a business owner, you need to know how to calculate your company’s value to attract investors. One of the best ways to do this is by analyzing your financial statements. Here are some steps to help you use your financial statements to […]

Minnesota Cannabis Dispensary Application

Minnesota Cannabis Dispensary Application

How to open a dispensary in Minnesota You will need a Minnesota Cannabis Dispensary Application in order to get a retail license in the state for your cannabis business. Minnesota is making a historic move towards legalizing recreational marijuana, which could open up exciting business opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to make their mark in the […]

How to Open a Dispensary in Texas

How to open a dispensary in Texas

How to Open a Texas Dispensary Overview Are you looking to open a dispensary in the Lone Star State? Do not let paperwork, bureaucracy, and complex regulations keep you from establishing your business. There are several steps to take when opening a dispensary in Texas including determining who can qualify as an owner, securing location […]

Partnership Dispute Lawyer

Partnership Dispute Attorneys

When do you need a partnership lawyer for your business? If you are a partnership experiencing disputes, it is crucial to consult with partnership dispute litigation lawyers to protect your business interests. Our partnership dispute lawyers have experience handling all types of disputes, including breach of fiduciary duties, misappropriation of business opportunities, minority rights violations, […]

what company is right for my cannabis startup

what type of company is right for cannabis

what company is right for my cannabis startup Many business owners find themselves asking, ‘what company is right for my cannabis startup’ when getting into the licensed marijuana industry. After helping form lots of cannabis companies, the conclusion that the limited liability company (LLC) organization structure is almost always the right choice is an easy one […]

What Happens to your Trademark when it gets an Office Action

office action

An Office Action is basically when the examining attorney looks at your application and compares your proposed trademark to any other existing trademarks. This is to see if there are any conflicts in name, sound, connotation, appearance, etc. If there is a likelihood of confusion, this is called a 2d refusal. To overcome this, you […]

Cannabis Trademarks

Cannabis trademarks

What are cannabis trademarks? Cannabis trademarks let creative lawyers help protect their clients’ brands that are involved with the cannabis plant with enough THC to count as marijuana under federal law.  In this blog post we will briefly touch on what trademarks are and how you can protect your cannabis brand. Please contact us if […]

Membership Interest Purchase Agreement

Membership Interest Purchase Agreement

When owners of a limited liability company (LLC) want to sell the whole business, a Membership Interest Purchase Agreement (MIPA) is the tool of choice to complete the transaction.  A MIPA sells the membership interest of the LLC.  This is different from an Asset Purchase Agreement (APA) where only specific assets and not liabilities of […]

Dormant Commerce Clause Litigation in Social Equity Cannabis

dormant commerce clause

The dormant Commerce Clause of the Constitution prevents states from discriminating against out-of-state actors in interstate commerce. The dormant term refers to its negative implication rather than express text. Courts have found a negative aspect embedded in the language that prevents state and local governments from impeding the free flow of goods from one state […]