Ohio Cannabis Lawyer

Ohio Cannabis Lawyer

Ohio Cannabis Lawyer

Are you from the buckeye state and want to establish a cannabis business? Having a good cannabis lawyer in Ohio makes the difference between getting a license or not.

Even though Ohio’s medical marijuana market had a bumpy start, the market has a bright future ahead in terms of its prospects for long-term sales.

As the market has a limited licensing structure and a large population, experts estimate the market could go as high as $400 million by the end of this year.

Also, there is a good chance for adult-use legalization to happen in the near future, so there are even more chances to enter the market.

In this sense getting the right cannabis lawyer that knows the legislation, risks and trends associated with the industry is vital in order to ensure maximum success.

A cannabis lawyer must have expertise helping individuals navigate processes like civil litigation, transactional law, trademarks and -in general- business litigation.

So if you want to open an Ohio marijuana dispensary, or a cultivation, processor or testing facility, here’s what you need to have in mind when hiring an Ohio cannabis lawyer.

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What can an Ohio cannabis lawyer help you with?

A cannabis lawyer in Ohio can assist with business creation and launch, marketing and advertising, packaging and labeling, banking and funding, taxation, and patents and copyrights for new strains or products.

Licensing, on the other hand, is critical. Cannabis cultivators, extractors, dispensaries, processors, and distributors are just a few of the businesses that rely significantly on permits to operate.

Ohio legalized medical marijuana in 2016, although sales didn’t start until 2019. The market is often qualified as restrictive, as the hoops established by the regulations are hard to go through. However, even so, sales are hovering $5 million to $6 million a week according to recent data.

In order to get into the business you need to maneuver through the regulations successfully, and for that you need the experience of a cannabis lawyer.

In such a heavily regulated sector, every step of starting a cannabis company necessitates significant enforcement and licensing, making the regulatory skills of an experienced cannabis lawyer invaluable.

Further, a Ohio cannabis lawyer can be of help with advertisement and applying for trademarks and patents, which is of major importance when you’re starting a business in order to establish your brand.

Specifically in Ohio, you will need to be extremely wary of zoning issues, as well as complying with the phases of licensure.

Further, you’d probably need a good cannabis business plan to go along with your license application.

What should you look for when hiring an Ohio cannabis lawyer?

It is critical to find proven experience in the industry while looking for a reputable cannabis attorney for your startup cannabis organization. Despite the fact that cannabis business attorneys are relatively new to the field, there are cannabis lawyers with expertise in the hemp and cannabis industries.

You should look for cannabis attorneys who are knowledgeable not only about the local and state laws, but also about federal law.

Furthermore, the best cannabis attorneys will be able to provide contacts and advice in the cannabis industry, as well as participate in lobbying and legislative activities.

This allows you and your company to remain current on cannabis, marijuana, and hemp developments, as well as changes in the law.

Cannabis licensing, regulatory enforcement, and administrative cases can all be handled by a cannabis lawyer.

They can also help with everything from company formation to mergers and acquisitions to risk management and dissolution.

Make informed decisions to avoid costly errors: Collateral Base’s cannabis and CBD industry attorneys represent a wide range of clients in the marijuana and hemp sectors, as well as the CBD market. We continue to be involved in cannabis-related policy activity and continue to represent hemp and legal cannabis businesses.

For a quick assessment of your needs – let’s talk to discuss how Trusts can help your business.

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