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What your attorney can do for you & When DO you need the Attorney with you!!

We’ve all seen people and their cars on the shoulder of the road or blocking the intersection and the police are there investigating and directing traffic around a collision. There are three times having an Attorney assisting you in dealing with a collision and helping you recover for losses to your property and your well-being.  Here are some tips on what your attorney can do for you at each of the stages of an auto collision claim.


  • Helping you get your information organized as to your insurer, the traffic collision report, and contacting the other driver’s insurer. Getting to get yourself checked out by a healthcare provider if you weren’t treated at the scene of the collision or at the Emergency Room that night. You might not realize that the stiffness and pain could only arise after your body’s adrenaline is gone.
  •  Helping you at the first contact with the other driver’s insurer as they can ask what seems like a simple question to get you to waive your claim. An example; asking you if you were hit by a Ford F-150 and you’re not a truck person so you don’t know how to answer. Your attorney will ask if they mean the vehicle belonging to their insured (the other driver) and then their little trick has failed.
  • Negotiating on the property damage to your vehicle; either insurer (yours or theirs) will try to minimize the damages and value of your vehicle. Your attorney will be able to make sure your vehicle is safely repaired or if the vehicle is “totaled” negotiate the best car value to enable you to replace your vehicle.
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