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Family Lawyers in Peoria Illinois

Many families require a lawyer at some point in their lives.  For example, a divorce, adoption, many things can happen to you that requires a lawyer to help you out.

Here’s the most common types of legal services that family attorneys in Peoria Illinois provide:

  1. divorce
  2. child custody
  3. adoption
  4. protective orders (OP), or called restraining orders
  5. alimony

I work with several family lawyers in my law practice at Peoria Illinois.  The person that I trust most with family law issues is a partner at the law firm that I work with.

You can contact lawyer, Mike Fritz, from his website for family lawyers in Peoria Illinois.

Criminal lawyers in Peoria Illinois

Not all criminal lawyers in Peoria Illinois can be hired.  Some are employees of the State of Illinois and work in the State’s Attorney’s office prosecuting criminals.

Criminal lawyers that you hire always for work the defense. Criminal defense attorneys have to fight hard to be able to help the accused have their day in court and get justice.

If you are arrested, you may need to hire a criminal defense attorney. Attorneys in Peoria Illinois help people with the following services:

  • Driving while intoxicated (DWI)
  • Felonies
  • Federal crimes
  • drug crimes (possession or distribution)
  • assault & battery
  • Burglary
  • Certain Traffic offenses
  • weapon offenses
  • domestic violence

In Peoria, Illinois, the criminal defense attorney that I turn to and trust the most is Jeff Hall.  You can contact a great criminal lawyer in peoria Illinois from his website today.

Personal Injury Lawyers in Peoria Illinois

When you’re hurt in a car accident, or injured from something that is not your fault – the law calls it a tort.  The person responsible for hurting you is called a tortfeasor – they often get sued.

attorneys peoria ilBut because of insurance laws – the deep pockets in most personal injury cases – many times the insurance company gets sued to honor polices in place to protect against such things

Personal injury lawyers in Peoria Illinois help innocent people get compensation for their pain and suffering.  Often these cases are taken on a contingency, which is not common in most attorney client relationships because most lawyers charge by the hour.

The possibility of a large recover, however, means that personal injury attorneys in peoria Illinois are willing to work on a contingency basis and typically take one-third of the total recovery.

Here are the types of personal injury cases that attorneys in Peoria, Illinois, often take:

  1. car accidents
  2. DUI accidents
  3.  motorcycle accidents
  4. slip and fall injuries
  5. boating accidents
  6. distracted driving accidents
  7. wrongful death
  8. brain injuries
  9. medical malpractice claims

The first lawyer that I would turn to for a personal injury legal question in Peoria, Illinois, is Fadi Rustom.

Workers’ Comp Lawyers in Peoria Illinois

When you’re injured at work in Illinois, the business is required to have insurance policies to protect its employees and provide them compensation – perhaps even for life – as a result of injuries that happen during the course of employment.

Many law offices in Peoria Illinois exclusively specialize in workers’ compensation cases because there is an entire statute in Illinois dedicated to processing the cases.  Workers’ comp even has its own courts so please hire someone that concentrates in workers’ comp if you are injured on the job.

Typical workers’ comp cases include specific injuries found in the Worker’s Compensation Act of Illinois, including:

  1. accidental death,
  2. loss of a limb
  3. carpal tunnel syndrome
  4. hearing loss from explosions
  5. disability arising from injury

For a worker’s compensation lawyer in Peoria, Illinois – I turn to the Law Offices of Pat Jennetten.

Immigration lawyers in Peoria Illinois

Immigration lawyers help people of the world navigate the complex legal system administered by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). The process at its core can be quite political and very confusing.

Finding a good immigration lawyer is difficult but groups like the America immigration lawyers Association (AILA) helps its members better serve their clients with tons of resources.

Some of the various legal issues that immigration lawyers in Peoria Illinois navigate are:

  1. adjustment of legal status (i-485) common for family law issues.
  2. H-1B work visas (form i-129).
  3. L-1 work visas (also from i-129).
  4. Permanent residence status – aka  Green Cards – or the PERM process
  5. variety of issues related to Trump Administration

For an immigration lawyer in Peoria, you can contact me, Tom Howard, through my immigration website..

Business lawyers in Peoria Illinois

ANY business lawyer should know that lawyers are an expense and not a profit center. Good business attorneys in Peoria Illinois will help you weigh the costs against the benefits of the legal service you need.

Business may have a general counsel to help guide the company, but that is usually a corporate law position helping with operation issues.  But business law can encompass the following areas:

  • employment legal issues: this can be any company policy, from maternity leave to an employee handbook. Employment law is an a practice area unto itself and discussed more below.
  • contract issues: All businesses are contracts.  Contracts form business. Contracts are how businesses survive, or die in the case of bankruptcy. Contracts can be as simple as paying a dollar for a can of soda – to as complicated as having numerous ambiguous definitions of option contingent on certain things that may never happen.
  • regulatory issues facing businesses:  Some businesses face little regulatory hurdles from the government, like the herbal supplement industry – while others may have lots of environmental regulations to comply with like mining and certain industries.

As you can see, business law has many different subparts.  In Peoria Illinois, if I need a business lawyer, well, I often ask myself what I would do.

Real Estate Lawyers in Peoria Illinois

A home is often the largest investments people make in their lives. They quickly pay 6% of the gross price to a realtor, but totally ignore a lawyer.

A lawyer works by the hour and has a fiduciary obligation to help you achieve your legal rights – while the realtor also has a duty but only gets paid a success fee – or commission.

Real estate lawyers help people with their real estate deals to protect them from buying a problem, or to enforce the contact against a buyer that gets cold-feet without just cause.

Real estate attorneys in Peoria Illinois also help people with land use and zoning problems. Not only do fences make good neighbors, but knowing if that fence is on the right property line helps a lot as well.

Litigation attorneys in Peoria Illinois

If you’re no stranger to litigation, then you have come across lawyers that litigate.  Often times litigators are known for their complete lack of agreeableness and generally adversarial character.

Some common phrases used each and every day include:

  • let the record reflect,
  • isn’t it true that…
  • objection
  • if you could please direct your attention to…
  • Do you recall…
  • I’m not using this for the truth of the matter asserted, just for their present mental impression
  • Motivation is always at issue

Litigators, while able to be jerks, help people fight for their rights in court – perhaps that explains their gruff and confrontational personality types. They should be avoided for business deals, but used to take seemingly simple issues more complicated and bloated that you can believe.

If you are being sued, or have a case, please consider our blog post about what type of lawyer you need to hire.

Contract attorneys in Peoria Illinois

Contracts are everywhere.  All business have contract.  Trillions of dollars in commerce is being done by contracts.

Most people NEVER read their contracts – they find them too complex and confusing.  Unfortunately, not reading the contract is no defense.

Contracts are formed when only 3 things come together:

  1. Offer
  2. consideration
  3. acceptance

An offer is something that is for sale.  You can buy that pizza for $9.99.  That’s the offer, pizza.

The consideration is the amount of money you pay – the $9.99.  But here’s a pro-tip: anything can be a consideration.  Today, the vast majority of contracts have a monetary consideration.

People do not trade and barter like they used to do hundreds of years ago.  Now they basically always use money.

Finally, acceptance is taking the offer and tendering the consideration.  You take the pizza and leave the $9.99.

These three seemingly simple things form every single contract that has ever been written.

employment lawyers peoria il 

Employment lawyers in Peoria Illinois help people and companies with issues related to employment. For example, some employee may feel they have been discriminated against, or fired wrongfully.  A plaintiff’s employment attorney in Peoria could explain your rights to you.

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